campaign to name particles of gravity lovitons

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, an article was published in The Guardian announcing that scientists at the Geo600 Gravitational Wave Detector Laboratory are close to proving that waves of gravity do, in fact, exist.

In 1998 I read a book by Willis Harman titled Global Mind Change, and was struck by a paragraph on page 105:

"The focus of these early scientists [Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, and Leibniz] on rigorous discursive reasoning eventuated in a universe whose atomic constituents were only extrinsically correlated with one another, obeyed generic laws of interaction that made no provision for the individual characteristics, and was held together by a mysterious yet clearly nonanthropomorphic force: gravity. In contrast, the world-picture of Renaissance nature philosophy had been of a Cosmos composed of intrinsically correlated elements, holarchically ordered in accordance with anthropomorphic values, and held together by a force called "love".

At the time it occurred to me that perhaps these two universally experienced but difficult-to-understand forces are more related that we realize. I thought that, if and when particles of gravity are discovered, it could be interesting to think of them as LOVITONS.

Surely there is some evidence to be found in hundreds if not thousands of years' worth of works by writers, artists, poets, musicans, and philosophers who have alluded to the notion that love is the force by which everything is held together?

I refer you now to my Universal Raisin Cake Theory for secular musings on the notion that the universe may be as filled with emotion as we are, and the idea that "god" may in fact be love...


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