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Alyce Santoro (aka: Alyce B. Obvious) is an interdisciplinarian, social surrealist, delicate empiricist, rhythmanalyst, atmospheric phenomenologist, and philosoprovocateur. Formally trained in marine biology and scientific illustration, Santoro began her career intending to make art about the wonders of science, but has found herself instead focused on the wonders of nature, consciousness, and associated phenomena. She refers to many of her multimedia works as philosoprops – devices used to demonstrate a concept, challenge perception, or spark a dialog. Her works often offer subtle and deceivingly playful critiques of the foibles of highly literal, logical, objective, and compartmentalized thinking.

Santoro's visual and sound pieces have appeared in over 50 exhibitions around the world related to innovative textiles, experimental musical scores, and social action and ecology. A regular contributor to and the author of Philosoprops: A Unified Field Guide, her written works often focus on the notion that by shifting some common assumptions about "the way things are" we can create a more just, healthy, and peaceful world.

For a comprehensive exhibition history please see: CURRICULUM VITAE (PDF)

Alyce is available (via Skype or in person) to host discussions on the intersection of art and science and the value of interdisciplinary endeavors; conduct collaborative field recording & sound art experiments; and to demonstrate the Mode Charts and all other philosoprops.

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All inquiries can be directed to alyce at alycesantoro dot com



Alyce Santoro on The Art of Science, The Science of Art at The New School's Lang College, August 29, 2005