In 1925 Max Ernst began using frottage, the French word for "rubbing", to describe a technique whereby the textures of objects are transferred to a surface. The word frottage can also refer to an act of intimacy between people.



My studio was once nestled into a grove of Ponderosa Pines. Drought followed by moisture coupled with an extended period of unusual cold, along with an influx of the Western Pine Bark Beetle, has put many of these trees under stress. Several of the large old trees outside my studio quickly perished in 2011/2012.

As an ode to these deceased trees, I am creating prints of their bark using India Ink on Lokta (handmade Nepalese) paper.


Alyce Santoro with Ponderosa Pine Bark Print Hat
Papier-mache hat made of India Ink prints of Ponderosa Pine Bark on Lokta paper, 2016


Ponderosa Pine Bark printmaking prep


Ponderosa Pine Bark Frottage in process

Ponderosa Pine Bark Frottage in process


Ponderosa Pine Bark frottage in studio


Ponderosa Pine Bark Print
Edition of nine 6"x6" semi-embossed prints of Ponderosa Pine Bark.
India Ink on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. 2016

Prints available in the Philosoprop Shop


Ponderosa Pine